December 4, 2022


Hi! This blog is all about digital currency.

This isn’t me 🙂 by the way. This dude is much better looking than I will ever be. And he has got more great stuff on Pinterest. But I really like his t-shirt and its message.

My name is Jude Manickam, and I live in Penang, Malaysia and this is my blog. I am passionate on cryptocurrency, and bitcoin in particular. I believe we are in the same moments before the Internet and world wide web took off sometime in the mid 1990’s. Fortunes were made then. I believe we are in a similar opportune moment today.

I don’t know everything about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. But I am intrigued by its essence. I am a tail end baby boomer. My closest friend tells me I am one in a million. People my age don’t usually go for such things. I don’t understand most of the highly technical parts. But I am keen to learn about cryptocurrency, to understand its core values. And how this understanding can change my life, financially at least, for the better. And I would like to share this information with anyone who cares to listen.

The signs of the times indicate that the economics of the world today, existing social order, science, politics, governance, cultural and educational spheres are undergoing tremendous change. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are part of this revolution. The new economy is here. The old is fading away. I hope that this blog will spur you to seriously consider the merits of this new economy: Cryptocurrency.

Welcome aboard, thanks for reading and good luck. God bless you in all your undertakings.