3 Vital Lessons from Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology is simply any technology that alters the way things are formerly operated, especially in the business world. It was Clayton M. Christensen who defined the term and analyzed the phenomenon in 1995.

So, What are the Vital Lessons from Disruptive Technology?

Lesson #1: You Have to Completely Believe in Your Idea for Others to Follow Suit

No matter how fantastic a concept or idea is, you will surely have negative talkers and critics trying to bring the idea down. This is perhaps the most difficult phase of bringing an idea into existence.

What should you do? Make sure that you figure out the top downsides that consumers or critics are likely to debate about. Then come up with well-thought out and researched responses using examples, success stories and statistics to prove why the idea will succeed.

Lesson #2: Find Someone Who Believes In and Shares Your idea

One of the greatest ways to go through the startup phase of your idea successfully is to join forces with someone who believes in your idea and has unquenchable passion about its success.

Lesson #3: Do Not Be Hesitant to Embrace New and Better Ways of Doing Things

If you hardly see anything good in new developments and ways of doing things, you will end up losing tons of opportunities that the new concept or idea offers. So whether it is for your business or other endeavors, take advantage of new technologies or risk losing the benefits that they offer. Who knows, such benefits may be what you need to move on to the next level.

Disruption is not all in the negative sense. In fact, if you open your eyes and mind, disruptive technology will only unhook you from your old, less efficient way of doing things and plug you into increased efficiency for the best results.

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